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Michelle Anderson

2 yr Track enthusiast. Women's Rider Advocate. Youth Program Development. Administration.

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Michelle Anderson is a mother of four and grandmother of two who grew up around motorcycles and race cars. She raised two of her three boys to race motocross from the ages of 4-12. Michelle has owned and managed multiple successful businesses throughout her life, including a Gold’s Gym franchise, a Cars & Coffee ( in Virginia),  and a custom-branded apparel company that catered to professional race teams in the automotive and motorcycle industries. Currently, she works as an administration assistant and accounts receivable at Motor Sport Resort Houston (MSR Houston) and is partnering with another motorsport custom apparel company in Texas.


Michelle has always had a passion for riding motorcycles, which started when she was a teenager and continued into her adult years. At the age of 48, she finally obtained her own motorcycle and even obtained a CMRA race license before having three track days under her belt. Although she hasn't actively raced, Michelle enjoys riding in track days. Her goal is to become certified as an instructor and teach children and teens the basics of safe motorcycle riding, with the hope of sharing her passion for the sport.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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