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Our Team 
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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in building a strong mental and physical foundation of motorcycle skills through focus on one aspect of riding at a time. 

Mindset- ”Riding is a thinking mans game” ~AJ Pyne. Having the discipline to  approach the sport properly, remove egos, fears, and distractions, to slow down and focus on a singular skill, and to master that skill before moving on is critical and the basis of our teaching.

Divide and Master- Our curriculum is structured to divide each skill into a lesson that riders can focus on intently, master in a safe environment, and then apply on track.

Earn it- There are no participation trophies here. You must earn respect in the paddock,on the track, and within our school. If you aren’t getting the results that you want, you work harder.

Track Fam- Once you train with us, you are family. With that comes the great responsibility of carrying yourself with integrity and respect for all other riders on and off track.


If you follow these core concepts, the most important parts of riding “Having fun and being safe” will come naturally

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