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Roadracing Simulator Development

Version 4.1 is near completion utilizing VR environments coupled with rider inputs creating the most realistic roadracing trainer possible. IP protection is pending. BMS is currently seeking to license design and programming rights to the perfect partner!


  • Display and demo your motorcycles on our trainers at your location

  • Attract new customers

  • Increase sales

  • Grow the motorcycle community

  • Educate and create Safer Riders

  • Stand out from the competition

How it works:

Book us at your dealership, store, or corporate event.

Choose your event format from our list of services, equipment, and curriculum.

Formats :

Product demos- Mount your motorcycles on our trainers, add our VR videos for a truly immersive experience

Indoor/classroom clinics- Choose from our list of educational clinics and equipment

Parking Lot clinics- Block off a section off your parking lot and choose a curriculum on our fleet of  Yamaha TTR 125’s



Motorcycle Body Position Trainers

Equipment that mounts to a motorcycle and leans the bike for training purposes

VR/AR Library:

  360 Videos of tracks and famous motorcycle routes.  Training videos include enhanced  augmented reality components to highlight key elements of the track.

Visual Aid Tools:

Our “Tap Squeeze” trainer allows riders to see and practice “loading” a tire before before working the tire.

TTR 125 Fleet:

Learn trail braking, forward vision, and other key skills at 10mph before attempting on the track or street                           Curriculum     

 Newb Skool:

Our complete intro to track clinic. Includes PowerPoint and visual aids

Body Position (applicable for street or track riders):

Body position basics taught with our trainers and PowerPoint.

Vision and Corner Planning (applicable for street or track riders):

PowerPoint and visual aids focusing on forward vision, types of corners, and various corner planning strategies.

Track Specific Orientation:

 Everything you need to know about a track you’ve never been to. PowerPoint and  360 video. Geared toward the novice/intermediate rider. Where to park, facilities orientation, pit in, pit-out, flag stands, signaling procedures, track surface details, basic lines, and more.

Track Specific Study:

In depth intermediate to advanced study of each corner, lines, overtaking areas, pass setup




We have a full 2023 schedule and will be teaching 100’s of riders throughout the year in paddocks across Texas and the Southeast. This is a great opportunity to get your name, logo, and products in front of riders who need gear. We offer high visibility space “inside’ of our immersive 360 videos (which are also online,) in our training curriculum, on our training equipment, bikes, transport vehicles, on our social media platforms, and on our website.

Cross Marketing:

Promote us and we promote you. Discounts, referral vouchers, shared advertising are great way to increase sales and funnel customers to each other.


Our schools and race team can always use equipment, consumables, and financial assistance. If you believe in what we teach, our vision, and goals consider sponsorship!



Development of our trainers, our VR library, and equipment is all self funded. We are always open to the right partner who can bring development funding, experience, or development assistance to the table. The right partner(s) will have a common vision, passion for the sport, and integrity. If you would like to be a part of our vision, please ask!

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